What to Do With Pocket Aces

What to Do With Pocket Aces

You need to get rid of the thought that pocket aces are invincible.  You need to play with caution so you will ensure profitability. Caution does not mean scared. It means cautious for mistakes. In poker, its all about minimizing mistakes.

The ideal scenario when you have pocket aces is not battling it out with several players but meeting an opponent heads on upon the flop.  You don’t need to limp and play tricks. Look forward to raising the bet so you can get rid of other players and develop an ideal situation for your cards.

Limping poses danger to your pocket aces. You don’t want to limp, then raise, and re-raise again. It will send some wrong message to your opponents. When you have a strong hand, it will be good to let your opponents know. Make sure though that you don’t let all the clues out or you will waste your pocket aces.

Post Flop

After the flop, you still want to go on with the bets and the raises to beef up the pot. You will be able to rake in more money when you play the pocket aces strong.

Here are some reminders when you have a pair of aces:

  • Do not slow play.
  • The fewer players in the hand, the better.
  • Pocket Aces are destructible, and don’t draw well. Your aces are not suited, so you’re really looking at a one-pair hand, which is hardly ever good on late betting streets when there’s a lot of action.
  • Never slowplay unless your hand is obviously good, and not prone to being beat on the next betting street.

You need to think what cards the other players are holding. Assess if they can beat you. Aces again should not be played hide your poker tells slowly.

The same advice can be given for any pocket pair. Following is what to do with pocket pairs, even if they aren’t aces.

When you look down at your cards and you see a pocket pair, somehow you get excited with the possibilities as it can make a set and these sets can mean big pay for you. The small pocket pairs can be considered as among the most straight forward hands in no limit holdem but they present some pitfalls for those who do not know how to use them wisely.

Multiway Pots

Small pocket pairs hold ground during multiway pots. If you have experienced playing live NL, then you know that there are a lot of times that a number of players draw something out of the flop. Having a small pocket pair is a good advantage since you have a good chance of making sets which will be the best hand for a round. You need to be cautious though since it might not just be you who made a set. If you think everyone will call, go for a raise instead of limping into the pot.

Heads up

If you have a good position, small pocket pairs can help you during a heads up. In Online Poker battle for the pot, you will know the real value of the cards when you get a set but in heads up, you have to handle unimproved hands and win the pot so position is very important. Position dictates if you can go for a showdown even if you have a weak pair. You can bet for value and squeeze some extra from your weak hand.

Reraised pots

Small pocket pairs do not do well in re-raised pots especially during heads-up. If you opened the betting but an opponent re-raises while everyone else folds, you might be better off by folding your cards. If you have unimproved small pocket pairs, you have a very small chance to win against a re-raise.

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