Using Craps Systems for Gambling

Using Craps Systems for Gambling

If you’ve been playing craps for any length of time you’ll know that using a strategy doesn’t allow you to achieve any favors in terms of the established house edge. This edge is determined by particular gambling venues in terms of winning Backgammon Strategies payouts depending on wagers played and therefore cannot be affected by craps strategy systems. However, what you are able to do is to benefit from probability fluctuations which appear periodically in games, allowing you to take maximum rewards from short term favorable odds.

Short Term Vs. Long Term Probabilities

While probabilities essentially remain the same throughout gambling sessions, with pre and post session results having no affect on the probability itself, you can note fluctuations within each and every game. In craps, the probability of rolling a seven is six to one based on millions and billions of games. However, you can never guarantee that a seven will be noted on every six rolls, and in the short term you could note several sevens rolled consecutively, or see none at all for many turns.

Craps Opposite Points

One of the ways in which you can use short term probability fluctuations to your advantage is to use the opposite points betting system. If you look closely at a craps dice you’ll notice that numbers on either side of the die are combination opposites, with a number six always Doubling Down in Blackjack having an opposite of eight. This means that if a six combination is formed of two dice with a five and one, you are guaranteed that the opposite combination will be a six and two. Meanwhile, a five combination has an opposite of nine, whilst four has an opposite of ten.

For a combination of four and ten you’ll receive $9 if you placed an original $5 wager. If you lose you’ve only lost $5, but upon a win of $9 press your wager and if you win on the second hit you’ll receive $18. And with four to ten combinations you’ll receive $25 if you ask the dealer to buy your bet at this time. The system, as with many, is still down to the luck of the roll, but allows you maximize your winnings if a favorable short term fluctuation comes up. And though craps probability won’t change, you can make you winnings far more lucrative. See Craps – Betting Systems for more info.

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