Crapless Craps


A craps version in which the 2, 3, 11, and 12 are treated as point numbers is known as Crapless Craps (like 4,5,6,8,9, and 10). I’m sure the game started at the Stratosphere, or possibly the Vegas World before it. In terms of novelty games, it’s one of the first and most popular. The Stratosphere in Las Vegas still has it, and it’s highly popular at the city’s casinos.


Unlike traditional craps, Crapsless Craps regulations are the same except that all totals except seven establish a point. Consequently, a seven on the come-out roll determines whether the player has won or not, and Crap-outs are over.

  • The Pass bet, the most basic wager in craps, and Crapless Craps are described here for those unfamiliar.
  • The “coming out roll” refers to the first roll.
  • Pass bets win if the come-out roll totals seven.
  • Otherwise, the “point” is based on the dice thrown in total rather than the sum of the individual numbers.
  • It’s time for another throw of the dice.
  • Pass bets win and are paid even money if the roll in rule 4 is the “point.”
  • Pass wagers lose if the roll in rule 4 results in a seven.
  • No action is taken in this case, and we return to rule 4.

This may appear to be a nice deal for a craps player. This is the last time I’ll be beaten on the come-out roll, and it doesn’t matter how the player decides to give up:

  • On the come-out roll, I had a total of 11, which was enough to win.
  • For this reason, if the come-out roll yields any of the following numbers: 2, 3, 11, or 12, the Pass bet will almost certainly lose.

Crapless craps have a house edge of 373/6930 = 5.382 percent on the pass bet. Traditional craps have a house edge of 1.414 percent.

Side Bets on the Craps

Place a Bet and Win Big!

To win the Fire Bet, a shooter must score at least seven distinct points before losing. Detailed rules and analysis are available at my Fire Bet website.

Different Identical Twins.

Shooters who roll the most distinct doubles before the roll of a seven-win Different Doubles. The rules and analysis for the mixed doubles can be found on my dedicated website.

Take a Trip on the Line

Ride the Line has all the information you need regarding this side bet.

Muggsy’s Place

The come-out roll must be a seven or a “point-7” for this side bet to win (point established and seven on the next roll). Please check my post on Muggsy’s Corner for the whole set of rules and commentary.

Dice, the Hard Rocking

The Hard Rock Cincinnati has a set of three side bets, initially referred to as the Hot Hand. If a seven is rolled before any other number, they win. For additional information, see my page on Hard Rockin’ Dice.

Fielder’s Choice

One roll is all that is required to win or lose in this series of three bets. There are three groupings of winning numbers that are taken from the field. Please check out my Fielder’s Choice page for more details.