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31 Mar , 2020   Uncategorized

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Playing Poker to Win

Playing Poker to Win

10 Dec , 2018   Poker

Poker player are a different breed of people, they are very different form players searching those no-deposit free-spins. Poker players are simple, the play to WIN. If you want to play poker then you must want to win and bring the money home.¬†Winning poker is all about getting the prize money. It is not about […]

What to Do With Pocket Aces

What to Do With Pocket Aces

10 Dec , 2018   Texas Holdem

You need to get rid of the thought that pocket aces are invincible.¬† You need to play with caution so you will ensure profitability. Caution does not mean scared. It means cautious for mistakes. In poker, its all about minimizing mistakes. offoff Related posts: Playing Poker to Win Become a Great Poker Player How to […]