Poker Basics

Do you play a lot of poker with friends or maybe at your local casino? Does everything seem like a routine to you: you buy into the game, play, and go home? Along the way, you might be giving away chips since you are forgetting the basics of a good poker game. Heres is a good list of poker basics to remind you:

Wait for your turn before looking at your cards

When the dealer distributes the cards, there is a good temptation to check your cards out right away. Unknowingly, you are giving a lot of information to your opponents when you check your hand early. You should wait for your turn to act before you look at your card so you do not give away vital tells to those who will be acting before you.

Check you opponents out

As much as your opponents want to read your game plan, you should try to find out what they want to do. Have that good habit of picking information out of your opponents. See how they are holding their chips. Observe who is raring to raise. You might not always get it right but somehow you will learn a lot about their mannerisms and how they play their cards.

Do not look at the flop, look at the players

You do not wait for the dealer to reveal the flop. You need to look at the other players and see their precious reactions. The experienced players might not give away reads but not everyone will be able to keep it a secret.

Think and focus

Try to do your basics poker math and see what are the card odds and the pot odds. Practice this and make it a habit so it will become your second nature. Focus and eliminate distractions before making a decision. If you are not focus on how you want to play your card, you might slip, miss something, commit mistakes, and lose money.

Poker Face

You must have heard the phrase poker face a number of times while playing the daunting and dynamic game of poker. You must be thinking what does poker face mean?

Well, its time to educate all the nascent players and beginners that poker is a thought provoking game. The game entails you to adopt a strategy and proceed further.

Players should have the knack to judge and examine their opponents as well. Just being alert with the cards would not help. Your sentiment should not be reflected on your facial expressions which otherwise would give away the fate of your game. This mind reading game has its unique ways of playing techniques and the secrecy of your emotions and body language would help you become a refined poker player. You should be able to follow the fundamental strategy of moving ahead with a wooden expression on the face to dupe the other players. You should be able to examine your own cards and judge the behavior and body language of the opponents.

You must be able to keep a poker face throughout the game. This will help you to easily play bluff and it won’t give out the secrets as well. Bluffing is an art and all poker players cannot bluff. Keeping a poker face will help you in duping the opponents when you are bluffing during the course of the game. Opponents can easily take advantage of your facial expressions and this may prove to be very expensive for you.