Advanced Poker Tips and Tricks

Suits, Ranks and Wild Cards: Fundamentals of Poker

To many, the rules and nuances of poker seem self explanatory. You know the suits diamonds and clubs and hearts and spades, oh my! Most people know the value and the ranks as well but, you know, some people are not really clear on all of them.

So lets begin at the beginning: a pair. Any pair. Two pair: beats one pair, but not as good as three of a kind. A straight, which contains five cards of any suit in a numerical sequence, beats three of a kind. A flush five cards in the same suit beats a straight. A full house, consisting of three of a kind as well as a pair, gets it on a flush, and four of a kind does better than a full house. A straight flush five cards, in order, same suit beats four of a kind and a royal flush the ten, jack, queen, king, ace, all in the same suit takes everything.

And if deuces or treys or jacks or any other card is wild? Baby, the game gets a little wild too.

Advantages of Coming Off as Bad Player

I know what you are thinking. Why would you ever want to come off as a bad player? Well, you might not but it can come in handy under certain circumstances, and it is surprisingly easy to do.

Raising from under the gun aka sitting right next to the blinds in that round can make you seem like a bad player. You need to bet at least twice before seeing your cards; this will make your opponents see you as a reckless sort of gambler.

Bluffing badly, so that you are easily caught, can also show you as a bad player. If your opponents assume you are easy to catch in a bluff, then you will have the advantage when you later flip the switch.

Have an Ego in Poker

While most of the time, I will be the first person in the world to tell you that having an ego is not something that you want to do – however, in poker, it is definitely the best thing for you to have.  Having an ego in poker is something that all poker players have in one way or another and if you are just starting out and have some raw talent for the game, you might want to develop one too.

However – you do not want your ego to come back and bite you, so you definitely want to make sure that you have not only talent, but you can back up whatever your ego says to other people.  Poker is a tough game with some tough people and these are people that know the game inside and out – remember that.

If you have an ego already – you probably know all about this.  Just remember, having an ego is not a bad thing at all in poker!

How to Read Poker Tells

So let’s have a chat shall we about how you can win at poker and make a crap-load of money.  Well, it might not be a crap-load, but if you play your cards right, you might be able to win quite a bit at this very hard card game.  Poker is something … while hard, it is something that is not impossible.  You can win at poker a heck of a lot, you just have develop and master one skill.

Do you want to know that skill is?  Well, it is actually the skill of being able to read facial expressions.  To be quite frank, it took me a hell of a long time to be able to read every little crimp, every little sign and certainly every smile and now that I do – I know exactly what the player next to me or across from me is thinking.

The reason why this skill is so important is because you will be able to tell if you should raise or fold – if the players have good or bad hands.  It’s a great skill for every single poker player to have!